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Physical Pain Is Easy

I’ve added a new image to the tea wrapper gallery, but it’s actually a tea box. It may have been because I was tired already, but it is easily the most exhausting thing I’ve ever written.

New business card as well.


The geeks were right

This is nothing but an indulgence piece. After spending a day in Roseville, I couldn’t take it anymore. Somebody had to say something…

Please note,

The horse is unnamed. Leaving Maggie


A Year’s Worth of Dust

I’m trying out a new theme. Love it? Hate it? I’m not so sure yet myself. Let me know.


Anybody seen a steak knife? I’m missing mine.

This story really didn’t turn out the way I intended it to when I began.

Scott Takes a Walk


i am a real person

Something has been bugging me for about a year and a half. I think I figured it out last week. Then I wrote a story about it: Woman In the Road


Karma Police

Done. Hastily written, but done.