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Strike On Box

One day, I was walking around with Conrad B. during third service of church. We found a brand new running track cut into our hill. It was an eagle scout project. I thought it might be fun to try and ride around on it with Lucius, my motorcycle. Lucius is a “dual-sport,” meaning that he can go on-road and off-road. He does ok on dirt and gravel, but he doesn’t really have the tires for serious off-roading. I knew this, but I wanted to try anyway. It’s a steep climb, and so fresh it was practically six inches of powdery dirt. I lost it on the second turn and fell right down. We had a good laugh, and no harm was done.
Oh, hey. I wrote a new tea wrapper.


Angering the wasps

Blah, blah, blah. New tea wrapper.

Call It Something Else

For almost a year now, I have noticed a cardboard sign taped to a tree along my route home. It said “Call it something else.” Every time I drove by, I wondered what the sign referred to. The best theory I came up with is that the sign poster was talking about gay marriage, since it was put up around the time when the debate became hot again. Today, I was sad to see that the tape on the top of the sign had finally come off. It’s flopped upside down now. In other news, I wrote a business card story the other day. Here it is.


Barefoot Belligerency

I’ve got a couple of other things that are more recent than Iashi, but those just aren’t working out so well. I didn’t even mean to ever post this, but that’s the kind of thing that I do after 10:00 PM. Stupid things.
One of the other projects that I’ve finished but not finished is the fourth chapter of The Rig. I should get that up soon enough.


Crudely Constructed, Lovingly Decorated

On busy days, I often have thousands of ideas swirling around in my mind. It’s like I subconsiously want to escape, and my subconsious already has. This is the idea I grabbed hold of today. The Motor Died


A dead bird and a wistful look

Another new tea wrapper. I’m thinking about posting my Bible study notes from today, we’ll see if I can sleep tonight or not. That sounds a little cryptic doesn’t it? It’s just because I’m tired.