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Garble! Garble!

I still haven’t been writing much lately. I’m sorta taking a step back to evaluate and redirect things lately.  But I have been keeping up on updating pictures for 333 and Found. There’s some new quotes in there too.  I’ll get a new story up soon enough.


One less mystery

I haven’t been writing much at all of late. Call it a mistake, but I’m trying to correct it. Here’s something I just completed. It’s a faithless rewrite of a fairy tale by Oscar Wilde. The Fisherman and His Soul

Now with 20% more chips!

Ok, long time, no story. I haven’t written anything that I am comfortable sharing with the general public in a little while. But, I have created a few new pages that might entertain you for a brief moment: 333, and quotes. I should link those, but I’m sure you’re capable of finding those little words at the top and clicking them all on your own. Right?