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The View From the Bottom

I’m coming up on eight years of janitorial work. Honestly, I never struggled much with the dirty realities of my job, not until lately. Maybe I just never let myself think about it before. But it’s really starting to bother me. Other people’s pee. Other people’s used kleenex. Other people’s trash. I’m tired of the grossness, the indignity, and the thanklessness of it. I’m humiliated to be so employed. I’d like to never have to clean up after anybody else ever again.

I know I’m just feeling sorry for myself, but let him who has never felt sorry for himself be my judge. And the great irony of it all is that I was interrupted while writing this to help my son poop on the toilet, during which he peed all over the ground. Of course, no matter what, I’ll never be free of others’ messes. I’ll always have somebody around me that needs help. And I thrive on it. I love to be helpful. And those things which most others don’t want to do will always be necessary. Have I found my niche then? Will I always be on the bottom? And is that such a terrible place to be?

The bottom is the place Jesus chose. God became man. Man became servant. Servant became sacrifice. Well. That sure makes it hard to complain about what I do. It’s still hard. But I have Jesus not only as an example, but also as company. Jesus, at least, shares my view from the bottom.



One thought on “The View From the Bottom

  1. You put the words down exactly as I feel them. And God always reminds me of what He has reminded you. I don’t like being picked on this way while others are not but then God knows me better than I do. And who knows when the future comes where this will lead me. Future meaning eterity.

    Posted by Anonymous | 11/29/2010, 8:50 am

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