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Design Contest

Do you see that picture up there? The one that says, “I’m glad it wasn’t you.” Well, I am glad it wasn’t you. But I don’t much like using that picture as the header for my blog. I put it up temporarily because my old one got all warped when I converted to this new format and blah, blah, blah. So, here’s the deal: I want you to make me a new one. No, in fact, I demand it. I’ve got this wallet I made out of a coffee sack that I will give to whoever puts together the winning entry.

You know you want it.


• All entries must be 960 X 70 pixels. Any other size will have to be stretched or cropped, and I don’t want to make that kind of decision. That’s the whole reason I’m having this contest.

That’s actually my only rule. I’m not looking for anything in particular, just make me something cool. Use text. Use my pictures. Use your own pictures. Use public domain. Draw something. I’m keeping my mind open. Send as many entries as you want to I’ll cycle through some of the entries in the header as they come in, and pick my favorite in a week. Is that enough time? Are people busy? Maybe I’ll make it a week and a half. Get to it!


Mind Games #13

What’s the best thing* you’ve won through perseverance?

*to be interpreted very loosely

Things I’ve been thinking about this week: Easter edition

• He is risen!

• Ears are a strange place to hang decorations. “I’m going to punch a hole in that thing and dangle something shiny!”

• I’m definitely not sick of the rain yet.

• Momentum is the key when working long days.

• It’s strange that we consume so many water bottles when we have such easy access to drinkable tap water.

• I love the confused reactions I get when I engage strangers in casual conversation, especially when they are obviously trying to be intimidating.

• Fear, pain, anger, impatience, or ignorance are invalid motivations. However, they are commonly accepted excuses.

• You cannot get milk from hemp, soy, or rice. It should be called a drink, not milk. “Hemp Drink” might give the wrong impression though.

• What must be the thought process when deciding to be a petty criminal in Metropolis?

• I think I like to hear my kids say, “Carry me!” even more than, “I love you!”



I’m trying out a new look/format for the blog. Let me know what you think. It’s a little plain, but I’ve got a plan to dress it up.


Mind Games: I forgot what number we’re on

What does it mean to be a good man?

I’ve literally laid awake thinking about this the last couple of nights. I’m hoping for a wide array of answers.


My observations in the Court of Miracles

I’ve been up since 1:00, but I’ve made good use of my time. I read, I wrote, I ran the dishwasher, I put away some laundry, I ate two actual meals. I have every intention of taking out and sorting the trash momentarily. And I finished editing something I put together last week. I usually write with the consciousness of, “I’m going to share this, ” or, “I’d better keep this one to myself.” I was on the line with this one the whole time. But, I’ve been taking more risks with the kind of stuff I write, and with the kind of stuff I post. This was difficult and frightening on both fronts. I don’t want to explain why, you’ll see. The Heartless

Deep breath. Exhale. Walk away.



I just posted a new tea wrapper. Good for me. In other news, last night was the third night in a row that I had a dream within my dreams. Um…


while I wasn’t looking

I have found a common theme in many of the conversations I’ve had lately: Life is hard right now. Life goes through all kinds of seasons. But for whatever reason, this season is a rough stretch for a lot of people, myself included. The more people I talked to, the more compelled I felt to share something I wrote awhile back. The thing is, we feel so alone when life is rough. Maybe I should switch to the first person here. When life is rough for me, I feel like I’m the only one who’s struggled in that way. It’s as if my circumstances are special in the history of the world. But the truth of it is that everybody, everywhere, at every point in history has rough stretches. That’s why I like the old testament. Look at God’s history of dealing with people. I can’t think of a single person in the bible that we know anything about who didn’t go through significant difficulties in the process of knowing and being used by God. Those weren’t mistakes, or God forgetting how things were supposed to go. And it wasn’t God giving up on anyone. It’s how life works, it’s how God works.

Now, I am not a poet. There’s nothing wrong with poetry, I just never have liked it. That being said, sometimes I write the occasional poem. As a rule, I lock them away where nobody will be able to read them. I don’t care if they’re good or bad, all I care is that nobody ever discovers their merit, or lack thereof. But, like I said, I felt compelled to share this one. Besides, I heard somewhere that it’s national poetry month. Anyway, I wrote it a few weeks ago after listening to a sermon about the life of King David. One last thing, I am definitely not fishing for complements here. Don’t tell me you like it and that I should write more.

Ten Years In Exile

I am not writing
You and I are not communicating at all
Because identity is not important out here
I am simply one weary and desperate human calling out to another in the cold, dark night
It may sound like a shout
Or the last gasp of the drowned
Whatever you hear, I call out to remind you
Everything is finite
Nothing lasts forever, save One
That One is not winter
Nor pain
But as each season marches out from another
So does step follow step follow step
And every phase of our pilgrimage builds upon the last
This is life
Difficult and strong
Delicate and beautiful
And life also is finite
As is death
The land and the sea
And this long, awful slide downward
The agonized sputtering before the final blink
Slowly fading toward oblivion
For this is why my voice calls out across the dark
To tell you that even this coiled descent has an end
This night will turn to morning
And the sun will come out to dry the water from our souls
We are small in this big place
And it’s easy to lose sight of our comfort
So I call just so you might hear the sound
Another out in the gloom
That you will know that you are not alone


Things I’ve been thinking about this week, in no particular order

• I wish there was a law that required all drivers to dance in their cars whenever they were stopped at a stoplight.

• Base-10 really is the best system for counting. The worst would probably be base-π.

• There are way more lunatics out there than any of us were led to believe.

• I enjoy my brief contacts with the public, but it’s probably good that I’m not involved in customer service on a regular basis.

• It’s really funny that a guy like Tim and a guy like me have formed our own little book club. I like it.

• When I hold my son on my lap, I think, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”

• There are a lot of people out there that I have adopted as extra mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. I’m sorry to have lost contact with so many. I guess that’s family.

• Maybe credit card companies send out so much junk mail because they want us to just stop opening all the crap that clogs up our mailboxes. That way, there’s a chance we might miss the bill and they can jack us like a band of highway robbers. Bastards.

• It feels like it’s been a long time since I couldn’t muster up enough enthusiasm to pull even a tiny April Fools’ joke.

• Sometimes, writing is the only way to get this fishhook out of my brain.