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Mind Games

Mind Games: I forgot what number we’re on

What does it mean to be a good man?

I’ve literally laid awake thinking about this the last couple of nights. I’m hoping for a wide array of answers.



3 thoughts on “Mind Games: I forgot what number we’re on

  1. I have no clue, but Os Chambers put it like this-” The test of the life of a saint (a good man) is not success, but faithfulness as a steward of the mysteries of God in human life as it actually is.”

    Posted by Janet | 04/20/2011, 9:19 am
  2. OK so I’ve laid awake thinking about this too. My first conclusion is there is no human that is truly good. Mark 10:18. On the other hand, God wants us to be “holy”. 1 Peter 1:14-16. So a “good man” is not a perfect man, but a man actively pursuing to become and purposefully allowing himself to become good and holy.
    On the practical side, to be considered a “becoming good” man, or woman, I would think the person would exhibit these qualities on a regular or growing basis:
    1. A Good Person is Faithful:
    Devoted to the Lord
    Keeps obligations and commitments
    Respects people
    Is trustworthy
    Is truthful
    Avoids excesses/ is self-controlled
    2. A Good Person Loves:
    Is considerate of others
    Is kind
    Is willing to sacrifice
    Is willing to forgive
    Listens to counsel/is willing to be corrected
    Is protective
    Is gentle with people’s hearts
    Brings blessings, not destruction to others
    3. A Good Person Regrets & Repents
    They are not just “sorry” but regretful and repentative, when they fail to do these things…

    Posted by janahn | 04/21/2011, 3:48 pm

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