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Thoughts from the hurricane 5/8/11

• If you can’t admit when you’re wrong, you’re probably wrong more often than you’re right.

• Narcolepsy is like an unexpected gift to the insomniac, this one at least.

• Milk jugs, juice boxes, water bottles. It’s obvious that we can make foolproof containers for liquids. Yet it seems to be impossible to make a gas can that you can handle or use without getting gasoline all over your hands.

• Watching my daughter pick up and read a book is a little unnerving. It’s like having a pet bear. Sure it’s cute, but before long it will be able to effortlessly overpower you.

• Ignoring the obvious doesn’t make it untrue.

• Legos are unspeakably cool.

• Knowledge is not power.

• Little Dane visited the coffee roaster this week. Before that, he spent a week at the bottom of a fish tank.



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