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adventures in semi-lucidity

• Of all Shakespeare’s characters, I like his fools best.

• When your job is to clean up somebody else’s feces off of the floor or walls of a public restroom, it helps to be methodical. Gloves are also important.

• I exist in a perpetual state of losing and looking for things. I found my watch. But has anybody seen either my bookmark or my phone charger?

• The quality of music you hear playing in other people’s cars is inversely proportional to the volume at which they play it.

• In a conflict, it doesn’t matter what anybody else has done to me. What matters is what I have done to others. I am not responsible for anybody else’s wrongs, but I neither am I justified by them.

• I really like symmetry. But the word used to express symmetry should be a palindrome. Then again, so should palindrome.



2 thoughts on “adventures in semi-lucidity

  1. I thought only horses pooped on walls…

    Posted by Janet | 05/15/2011, 7:27 pm
  2. I like the mix of random and profound…

    Posted by janahn | 05/16/2011, 1:55 pm

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