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I know, I know. These are starting to get excessive.

• If you feel like you have some kind of criticism to offer the pastor in between services that concerns whether or not he’s doing a good job, it’s because you’re a jerk. Shut up.

• It amuses me when people join in on conversations or jokes, and they have absolutely no idea what it’s about.

• People sometimes ask me about my insomnia, if I wake up stressed or worried, thinking about life. The other day, I woke up wondering if a shark has ever eaten a skunk, and what it might have thought of the encounter. Most of the time, that’s the kind of thing on my mind.

• Bob the Builder is about a construction worker with Down’s.

• I wouldn’t want to have all the answers. I like questions too much.

• I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who aren’t afraid to let their hair go gray. Not that I don’t respect people with dyed hair. I’m going to get myself into trouble with this one. Age with dignity. That is what I’m getting at.



4 thoughts on “I know, I know. These are starting to get excessive.

  1. I love your random stuff! I totally agree on the gray thing… wish I was braver… 😉

    Posted by janahn | 06/04/2011, 1:36 pm

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