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Junk Drawer

Official, Untitled

• I’m giving in. These bullet-pointed lists of random association are going to be a regular feature on the blog. Many of you may have thought they already were a regular feature. I never intended that. But I did it once, and then I felt like I’d left some things out so I did it again. Thus, a habit was formed. Now it has official status.

• Somebody help me come up with a clever title for these things.

• No matter how thoroughly organized, no home, business, building, or life can function without a junk drawer. You need a place for things that don’t belong anywhere.

• J-B Weld is the best.

• I really enjoy reading Victor Hugo. But he writes some of the most guiltlessly skipped chapters of literature. I normally feel bad about skipping over any part of a book. But I’ve left vast swaths of everything I’ve read by Hugo untouched, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed a thing.

• When you see a dude picking his nose, it’s gross. When you see a dame picking her nose, it’s hilarious.

• I agree with the decision to close the school. But I still mourn the loss.

• Who decided that it would be good to spread horse poop all over gardens? It’s so counter-intuitive. I eat the food that comes out of there. Is this some kind of joke that horses thought up?



3 thoughts on “Official, Untitled

  1. Title suggestion: junk drawer. The place for things that don’t belong elsewhere. And don’t take it wrong. I like this feature more than I like junk… it just kind of suggested itself.

    Posted by Anonymous | 06/11/2011, 11:49 pm
  2. They did and Ben is adding to the punch line right now.

    Posted by Janet | 06/13/2011, 9:14 am

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