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• I knew that my daughter could talk me into anything on the night she got me to make salad for dinner.

• Complacency is not the same thing as contentment.

• There’s one thing that nobody ever warned me about being a father. Somebody really should have said something, just so I’d be prepared. So, I’m warning every potential father I know. Nothing you have ever encountered in all your life will accidentally smack you in the crotch as often, or as hard, as your own toddler. I’m not joking, watch out.

• We are rapidly approaching 222 comments over the history of this blog’s existence.

• I realize that these junk drawer posts are getting shorter, and less frequent. I might be running out of things to say. It’s probably for the best.


Combating Bitterness

For those who don’t know, I’m a full-time church janitor. Or at least I have been for the last nine years. That is a lot of toilets scrubbed, carpets shampooed, and chairs shepherded. But at the end of the month, my hours are getting cut to part-time. These things happen. And, in the first of the confessions I’m about to make, I’m struggling with bitterness over it. Honesty is the best policy, right? And the root of this bitterness is in the second confession:

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Back Payment

Recent discussions, comments really, about Homer and the Iliad prompted me to dig out this story I wrote last year. If you haven’t read the old classic, (and you should), my story probably won’t make any sense. It probably won’t anyway. But there it is. After all the fruit I ate this week, I kinda felt obligated.

Euchenor of Corinth



• I enjoy the cars around here that are like landmarks: The Death Van, the Ford Tuff truck, the sunflower suburu, even the Slutzville van. You get excited when you see them.

• It seems like someone who once made the decision to get a facial tattoo should be prohibited from carrying a sword, especially at a children’s event. The people who run the Children’s Renaissance Faire apparently don’t feel that way.

• As a man who roasts and serves coffee for a living, I have to say that people take coffee way too seriously. It’s a beverage. But don’t tell our customers that.

• In fact, most things that people take seriously aren’t really worth the effort.

• What God does, and how he does it, always surprises me. You’d think we’d all start to expect that, especially since he basically told us that’s how he is going to handle his affairs.


Ray Day 2011

Before we get started, let me say that this is not at all a bid for sympathy or pity. I’m just talking here.

Two years ago today, I watched a man drown in the Yuba River. And, as we did last year, Eric and I are going back to the spot this afternoon. It’s been on my mind and in my heart to write something up about Ray, or perhaps about what I’ve learned over the last 730 days. Something.

I wrote this: Life and Water, on the day that he died. And this: The Heartless, a few months ago. Those pieces sort of just flowed out of me without my even paying attention. But when I intentionally sit down now to give words and meaning to that death, I find myself perplexed. Nothing comes out right. I’ve written, erased, and started over on this at least four times. Last year was the same way. My thoughts and feelings about life and death have changed from a simple, straight line into a tangled knot. I can still carry it around. But I can’t give it any order, or make anyone else to see its sense. And that’s alright, I suppose. It will have to be. Maybe in a year from now, I’ll be able to explain. At least until then, I can say that the conclusion I reached two years ago still holds true: Life is short and unpredictable. Let’s live it well, and be ready for when it ends.

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. – John 3:17-18


I love words

Sublimate: to direct the energy of a primitive impulse into activities that are considered to be socially more acceptable.

From‘s word of the day, one of my daily stops.


I might have to start an album

No, it isn't.A new competitor arises in the field of book covers that should never have been. Yes, I literally ripped the cover off of this book so that I could get a picture. And then I threw both parts away. My buddy Danny sent me a good one the other day too. Behold!

And my original post if over here. Seriously, people. Send me more.


an inventory of the things I’ve been carrying around in my truck

3 jackets

1 kid jacket

1 kid blanket

8 socks

1 scarf

2 cookbooks

2 shirts

1 apron

1 reusable grocery bag

2 phone chargers, (for phones I don’t have)

10 pieces of mail, (what I kept at least)

1 towel

1 french press

1 umbrella

3 paycheck stubs

1 birthday card

1 broken set of earbuds

7 karate belts

1 kid hat

1 tin of tea

2 boxes of health food bars

2 scraps of fabric

2 lbs of coffee

1 package of gnome stickers, (labeled for use on garbage cans)



• There is absolutely nothing fancy about ketchup. Extra-fancy ketchup is a ridiculous claim.

• What my children think is way more important than what people think of my children.

• Ray-Day is coming up.

• I hate plastic wrap so much that I curse at it every time I have to use it.

• It might be time to give up on sleeping.

• Whenever anybody tells me how good they are at something, I automatically assume that they must be below average.

• I want to die outside.