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Junk Drawer, Uhhh...


• I enjoy the cars around here that are like landmarks: The Death Van, the Ford Tuff truck, the sunflower suburu, even the Slutzville van. You get excited when you see them.

• It seems like someone who once made the decision to get a facial tattoo should be prohibited from carrying a sword, especially at a children’s event. The people who run the Children’s Renaissance Faire apparently don’t feel that way.

• As a man who roasts and serves coffee for a living, I have to say that people take coffee way too seriously. It’s a beverage. But don’t tell our customers that.

• In fact, most things that people take seriously aren’t really worth the effort.

• What God does, and how he does it, always surprises me. You’d think we’d all start to expect that, especially since he basically told us that’s how he is going to handle his affairs.



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