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• Difficult people are much easier to deal with if you just assume that they are mentally handicapped.

• Caffeine is no substitute for sleep. But, in my situation, unlimited access to free espresso is pretty helpful.

• Teenagers will just wear anything these days, eh?

• I like musicians a lot more when I don’t know what they look like.

• The whole concept of how electricity works is incredible. And God invented it.



So, I started school this week. College at 30 is an interesting experience very weird. I had a conversation with a cowboy sporting green hair about what constitutes pedophilia between my car and my class yesterday, (note: ladies, don’t date the man answering to this description. He’s a pervert). But it’s also weird that I don’t hate it. I expected to hate school, that’s how I am. It’s still the first week, I guess. Things could change. But I don’t think so.

I’m taking a course in Mechatronics, which is basically a move away from specialization and a step toward generalization in the electrical/mechanical/computer/robotics fields. Funny thing for me to be doing, right? Know where my mind goes? I realized that the perfect protection against zombies would be a few robots. They’d be invincible. Also, I went up to talk to one of my teachers about Kurt Vonnegut and Cory Doctorow after his lecture about the evolution of the workforce in America.

Anyway, I’ve got 2.5 jobs and 3 classes on my plate. I wanted to give it a few days to see how it went before I said anything. But I can see how it’s going to be now. And I don’t think I’ll be writing a whole lot for awhile. Sorry folks, but I just won’t have the time. I will write. I can’t not write, (I’ve tried). But I don’t think much will make it up onto the blog. Again, sorry. I’ll do what I can. But I won’t commit to anything beyond that.

Thanks for reading. I’ll get back to writing as soon as life allows.


• Sometimes you just need to hold on to the small, private victories, like solving a sudoku puzzle, or pulling what your manager calls “the perfect shot.”

• Why is quiche considered effeminate? Is it just the name? I have never understood that.

• Missing friends or family is an awful feeling. But knowing that you are missed actually feels kinda good.

• Every BLT I eat is the best BLT I’ve ever had.

• Maybe it’s morbid, but it really helps me sometimes to think about how things could be worse. I could be the activities directer at a convalescent home. I could have gone down on the wreck of the Medusa.

• My boss handed me the keys to her car this week and said, “Just don’t get to far away, or…” No matter how much I asked, she never finished that sentence. I’ve never been more curious about anything. What happens if I get too far away from her car while I’m holding her keys? What?

• Spam comments on a blog make no sense at all to me. But so far wordpress has caught 222 spam comments from appearing on this particular blog.

Showing my ignorance in an effort to make fun of a stranger

I’m probably about to repeatedly put my foot in my mouth on a lot of different topics. I don’t care, I had a funny experience today that I want to relate.

My wife and I were talking about environmentalists the other day. See? Right away, I feel like I already sound like the kind of right-wing bigot that the internet loves to hate. You could read a lot into that opening sentence if you wanted to. You could infer tell that my wife and I are not environmentalists, which seems to some kind of unforgivable sin nowadays. And you could take it a step further to say that we’re the opposite of environmentalists, since when I say that we were talking about them it kinda sounds like we were making fun of them. Well, we were. Continue reading


• Isn’t it odd that we say that something smells like death? Death has a smell.

• I’m really, really starting to doubt that anything is ever accidental, or unexpected.

• Kids can lay/fall down and sleep anywhere, and almost no amount of noise or light will wake them up until they’ve had enough. Can I make that my new life goal?

• We are all time travelers moving into the future at the rate of one second per second, and altering the timeline with every butterfly we smash.

• Butter is ultimate ingredient. It’s almost magical.

• Whoever thinks up the names for RV’s can’t really be taking his job seriously. “Yes, I’d like to test drive the Sundancer please. Or was it the Wind Rogue?” It’s fun to think that maybe the grumpy-looking retired guy driving the RV named it himself. Or even after himself.

• You may have noticed that the header picture of the blog changes as you click around. They keep things interesting. If you have a picture you want to throw into the mix, send it to

3 Years At Ground Level

I just downloaded 1,541 pictures from my daughter’s camera. Since the first few are of my son only a month or two old, these pictures represent three years. They’re quite strange. But in between about a hundred pictures of the carpet, and a hundred more of darkness, there are some real gems. It was fun to watch our family grow up according to what my daughter, and later on my son, saw. A kid has an interesting perspective on what kind of things you ought to take pictures of. And people kinda forget you’ve got a camera when you’re only a few feet tall. So you end up with a lot of pictures of peoples’ butts. I left those out. But here’s a small sample of the rest: Continue reading