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• Isn’t it odd that we say that something smells like death? Death has a smell.

• I’m really, really starting to doubt that anything is ever accidental, or unexpected.

• Kids can lay/fall down and sleep anywhere, and almost no amount of noise or light will wake them up until they’ve had enough. Can I make that my new life goal?

• We are all time travelers moving into the future at the rate of one second per second, and altering the timeline with every butterfly we smash.

• Butter is ultimate ingredient. It’s almost magical.

• Whoever thinks up the names for RV’s can’t really be taking his job seriously. “Yes, I’d like to test drive the Sundancer please. Or was it the Wind Rogue?” It’s fun to think that maybe the grumpy-looking retired guy driving the RV named it himself. Or even after himself.

• You may have noticed that the header picture of the blog changes as you click around. They keep things interesting. If you have a picture you want to throw into the mix, send it to



One thought on “8/5/11

  1. or every spider we save.

    Posted by Janet | 08/05/2011, 9:38 am

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