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• Sometimes you just need to hold on to the small, private victories, like solving a sudoku puzzle, or pulling what your manager calls “the perfect shot.”

• Why is quiche considered effeminate? Is it just the name? I have never understood that.

• Missing friends or family is an awful feeling. But knowing that you are missed actually feels kinda good.

• Every BLT I eat is the best BLT I’ve ever had.

• Maybe it’s morbid, but it really helps me sometimes to think about how things could be worse. I could be the activities directer at a convalescent home. I could have gone down on the wreck of the Medusa.

• My boss handed me the keys to her car this week and said, “Just don’t get to far away, or…” No matter how much I asked, she never finished that sentence. I’ve never been more curious about anything. What happens if I get too far away from her car while I’m holding her keys? What?

• Spam comments on a blog make no sense at all to me. But so far wordpress has caught 222 spam comments from appearing on this particular blog.



One thought on “9/13/11

  1. Thank you Molly Fisk, (, for pointing out that it is actually August.

    Posted by coyotetom | 08/13/2011, 10:01 am

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