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Little Dane has been having increasing difficulties posing over the last few months. He always leans partly over, as if he just got punched in the stomach. It takes forever to get his arms to do anything but hang down limply. He’s 37 years old. Most people don’t last that long in modeling. We’ve had discussions about giving him some time off. He has other pursuits he’s been wanting to follow. He’s even considered going back to being a normal toy. And then, this happened.

We really don’t know how to proceed.



Little Dane followed me to school the other day, so he ended up out on the workbench when things got real. We take pictures of our work as we do the labs, so Little Dane is in the homework I’ll be turning in tomorrow. It seemed like a good idea at the time. All of that was really just a plug to get you to look for the new pictures he’s got up. Also, I updated the quotes page fairly recently.

In other news, I’ve been wanting to make a list of the things I enjoy about the new life I’ve found myself living. It’s sorta like the junk drawer, but a little more focused. I’m going to make you click through, otherwise the whole front page is just going to be a bunch of bullet points. Continue reading

it’s just love

My friend Justin used to wear these ridiculous little socks. He was really particular about them. They would just barely hook over his ankle, and no bit of them could be showing above the line of his shoe. I guess that style is popular now, but back then he was the only person I knew that wore it. We used to tease him, ask him if he ran out of laundry and had to wear his wife’s socks to work. We teased him a lot, mostly because he’d get so worked up and defensive. And then we’d calm him down by telling him we only messed with him because we loved him. It was true, and he knew it. Justin died of cancer seven years ago. Every year on the day that he died, we who teased him raid our wives’ sock drawers. So go ahead and mock me and my ankle tan-lines. I’ll know it’s just love.