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• I keep hearing these commercials on the radio, “Do you want to make a ton of money doing _____?” There have been several different versions of this commercial, all of them advertising seminars to teach people a new trade. What I don’t understand is if there is a ton of money to be made doing _____, then why is this person teaching seminars instead of just _____?

• Don’t tell me you love something if that only takes place when it’s easy.

• I have retained a few Hungarian words in my vocabulary for everyday usage. One of these words is nincs, meaning none. The most typical way this word is used around our house is when our kids ask to eat something we are out of, and I respond with, “Nincs.” Unfortunately, my son loves food so much that he now sincerely believes that nincs is a bad word.

• New tea wrapper story spanning two wrappers: 1, 2. More to come soon.



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