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looking back while i move forward

Every once in awhile, I dig around in my archives and read my old writing. It’s an exercise in vanity, but maybe not as bad as you might think. Most of the time I don’t like what I find. I’m much more critical of my old stuff than whatever I’m currently writing. Sometimes I find something to read that I’d forgotten writing, that’s my favorite. But today I told a story in person that I’d written out a few years ago. Later on, I sat down to read the old version. Once again, I’m not such a big fan the quality of the writing. But the story itself is a good one. As I prepare myself for Ghana, I thought it was worthwhile to revisit.

Woman In The Road


pictures. look at them.

5/26/12 Ants!









• A large vocabulary is often a disguise for low intelligence.

• Maybe is the worst kind of hope.

• One of the best side-benefits of reading Proverbs is the ability to identify fools, and the knowledge of how to deal with them.

• Isn’t it strange that we humans don’t all like the same things? Why do we have different tastes in music, art, and even food? Even stranger, our preferences in such things change as we age.


the big things matter, but so do the small things

Life is complicated. Let me give you an example:

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a survey of the week

5/18/12 They are reinforced, and feature sharpened, steel points for penetrating the skull.



5/15/12 Okay, God. I will.





• Life is never as straightforward as we would like.

• Everyone wants to be acknowledged in some way.

• One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. – Proverbs 11:24-25

• Wanting things done your way does not make you a perfectionist, or OCD. Everybody wants things done their way. In other words, you’re not special. Insisting upon it just makes you more difficult to deal with.

• I like grocery stores a lot. But I really dislike grocery stores that I am unfamiliar with. It takes me at least a year to learn the layout of a new store. And every visit to the store in that year will cause me to walk at least a few miles as I wander back and forth looking for stuff.

• All the people I know who take pictures of their food to put on Facebook are white. As a white person, I think this is a dumb thing to do.


one a week

International fans of brilliance have requested a weekly summery post of the One a Day pictures. I can’t promise I’ll do it on the same day every week, or even that I’ll remember to do it at all every week. But I’ll try to stay on top of it. Here are this week’s pictures:



5/9/12 It was a nice picnic until the cops showed up blasting their Korean pop music.


Everything I had in my pockets when I arrived at work, minus the phone I took the picture with.





• A good way to remain unpredictable is to have very little idea of what you’re going to do yourself.

• Don’t let anybody tell you that you think too much. There is precious little genuine thought going on in the world. We need more thinking, not less.

• It’s rather sad that by the time you’re old enough to remember to put the caps on every time, magic markers aren’t really a big deal anymore.

• I recently discovered that I immediately distrust people who don’t close their mouths when they breathe.



In an effort to circumvent the system of constantly posting a new picture on the front page every day, I’ve created a new one a day page. There’s a big link at the top there that should take you to it.