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Let me explain

I got a new job this week. This news has led to a fair amount of confusion among those around me. I don’t mind answering questions, but I thought it might be best to answer a larger audience all at once. So, here’s the deal…

My church is in the process of looking for a youth pastor to take over the high school group. Since December 2011, I have been filling that role on a temporary basis until church leadership could find a long-term solution. Among many others, I was a candidate for that position. However, I was informed in late June that I had been eliminated as a possible candidate. So, knowing that I would need to find my own long-term solution to the problem of employment, I took a job that had been offered me with Autometrix. We build computer controlled cutting machines, primarily for the textile industry. Chances are pretty good that you use something that was cut by an Autometrix machine. I’m actually pretty shocked at what a great place it is to work.

Meanwhile, I am still serving with the high school group at the church. Just because I have been eliminated doesn’t mean that they have chosen a new pastor. I am happy and grateful to continue to fill that role for as long as I am needed. The only difference now is that I can no longer keep office hours at the church.

If that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, feel free to brace me in person, or contact me at



One thought on “Let me explain

  1. Congratulations! I spent some time looking around in the company website, and am very impressed.

    Posted by Steve King | 07/14/2012, 1:18 pm

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