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i don’t deserve television

We’ve had a netflix streaming account for maybe six months now. I can’t even remember how much we pay for it, but I just cancelled it a week ago. My kids have had countless adventures with Diego and the Backyardigans. My wife has watched some movies, tried out a few series. In all that time, all I have watched is:

Trollhunter, a Norwegian movie with subtitles

Primer, a mind warping time-travel movie made on $7,000

and the whole series of the Mr. Bean television show, which may very well be the best thing ever done with video recording technology.

I stand by my choices. I will not miss netflix, (until the new episodes of Arrested Development start airing).


simple youth

Ever since I started attending Simple Truth church, I’ve been fielding questions about our youth group. The funny thing about it was that there wasn’t a youth group at Simple Truth. We were small, we still are small in a relative sense. I honestly didn’t feel there was a need for a youth group at the time. But there were rumors going around that I was the youth pastor for our small church. Indeed, there were rumors going around that the reason I went to Simple Truth was because they offered me that position. People are funny.

Anyway, things change, the needs of the church change, and so do I. So at least some of the rumors are going to become true. Simple Youth starts this Sunday for High School and Junior High. Show up at 9:30 to eat and hang out, services start at 10:00.

Here’s the website with the address: Simple Truth