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i don’t deserve television

We’ve had a netflix streaming account for maybe six months now. I can’t even remember how much we pay for it, but I just cancelled it a week ago. My kids have had countless adventures with Diego and the Backyardigans. My wife has watched some movies, tried out a few series. In all that time, all I have watched is:

Trollhunter, a Norwegian movie with subtitles

Primer, a mind warping time-travel movie made on $7,000

and the whole series of the Mr. Bean television show, which may very well be the best thing ever done with video recording technology.

I stand by my choices. I will not miss netflix, (until the new episodes of Arrested Development start airing).



2 thoughts on “i don’t deserve television

  1. you watched a whole series of Mr. Bean? You really don’t deserve television.

    Posted by danny foote | 04/11/2013, 5:18 pm

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