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Merry Christmas

Uh, new business card. Holy accidental alliteration! What can you do? Once it’s written, it goes up.


The Loudhouse!

New business card! New tea wrapper! I hope Brian and Unc are happy, because I got up at 1:00 am to write these.

Call It Something Else

For almost a year now, I have noticed a cardboard sign taped to a tree along my route home. It said “Call it something else.” Every time I drove by, I wondered what the sign referred to. The best theory I came up with is that the sign poster was talking about gay marriage, since it was put up around the time when the debate became hot again. Today, I was sad to see that the tape on the top of the sign had finally come off. It’s flopped upside down now. In other news, I wrote a business card story the other day. Here it is.

Physical Pain Is Easy

I’ve added a new image to the tea wrapper gallery, but it’s actually a tea box. It may have been because I was tired already, but it is easily the most exhausting thing I’ve ever written.

New business card as well.


The tea wrappers and business cards are all fixed up now. No more band-aids I hope.

Edit: One new tea wrapper just now. I’ve got another one in my wallet that I just need to scan and post tonight.


I’m trying to fix the tea wrappers and business cards, I know they’re broken. The only reason for this is my WordPress ignorance.

I’m just a human…

Just like the last post, (I think), all I have to offer is another new business card.

Refreshment in a fancy hotel?

2 new business cards. That’s all.


Ok, I’m one-handing it here as I feed my son a bottle, so I’m going to try to make this short…

Nevermind, he decided that he’d rather go down to play. New card today. And I’ve reposted The Rig as a PDF. Now, I know that I’ve decried the PDF in the near past, but I’ve got a couple of reasons for doing this. First, I’m having trouble formatting the thing so that it looks right. Second, I found a website that lets you create a font in using your own handwriting. To me, this is fantastic. I’ve been looking for a way to do this for a long time and have found that it’s either incredibly difficult or prohibitively expensive. YourFonts lets you do it for free, and it’s easy. Anyway, I made my own font and I’ve been writing The Rig using it. PDF lets me post my story in my handwriting. I feel like YourFont and the PDF overlords should pay me for advertising now.

529 Chairs Later…

Three new things, a tea wrapper, a business card, and about 2 more paragraphs on The Rig.