No Time

There was no time to think. Good thing I’d already made up my mind a long time ago. I’ve known Beth since we were little kids. She said that she came out here to visit me, though I suspect she is running from something. She’s always made bad decisions when it came to men. Although she hasn’t just come out and told me yet, she has probably found one bad enough to hit her this time. Too late to tell me now…

She doesn’t know this city like I do, or I wouldn’t be bleeding to death right now. A guy came out of the alley with a gun. He wanted her purse, and she’s always been a fighter when it came down to her stuff. I probably could have run and been alright. With some people, I would have. Maybe that’s what living in this awful place has done to me. But if someone is so dumb as to argue with and armed mugger over something as petty as a purse, they should pay the price of their own stupidity.

But not Beth. I would have killed for her, and now I’ll die for her. I grabbed the gun with one hand and punched with the other. My fist barely connected, but the gun went off twice. Better me than her. I held on to the gun, and my murderer gave up and ran. I’m a hero, but my extremities are going numb. There’s blood on her hands and her face. She’s crying. I wish that I’d told her that I love her. I always have. Too late to tell her now…



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