Vs. The Neighborhood

The days are bad enough. Scratchy eyes, sore back, that pinching headache in the forehead. But the nights THE NIGHTS are when my mind spins out, melts down, and rushes out of my mouth like a rat. Every sound is like a poke in the face. I shot that damn owl last week. How HOW is he still making noise out there? My skin crawls like I’ve made my bed on top of an ant nest until I finally fling the covers from me and get up. Sometimes I walk outside, bare feet on the wet, untended lawn. The neighbors turn on their flood lights. They think it will burn my eyes, make me go blind. But they don’t know that the light makes me stronger. I haven’t eaten for two TWO weeks. I don’t need to, because of the lights.

But I’ve got to stay inside tonight. Sgt. Bradshaw and his nancyboy little partner threatened me ME with another night in jail. I don’t like that place. But they won’t make me go back. The next time they come around here… well… I’ve just had enough of their meddling. So tonight, I’ll go down DOWN into my basement. I’ve got a project in the basement. It’s not like that last one. I just hated that cat, always scratching at my door to keep me awake AWAKE. No, this one is different. I want to crawl under their skin the way they crawl under mine. And this is just the thing for it. When I’m ready, maybe tomorrow, I’ll set it up out in the yard. Then those sneakly neighbors can turn on their lights and Sgt. Bradshaw came come around all they want. I just can’t forget FORGET the extension cord. I always leave it behind, and the thing won’t work without power.

The power rods I got from the Murphy’s yard. That’s why they started sending their bloody cat around. Well, I have the rods and AND I took care of that cat, didn’t I? They don’t know who they’re dealing with. The core I made myself out of the old washing machine. I threw the parts that I didn’t need out in the yard. I don’t step on them anymore, now that I fixed my eyes. The project is genius, really. When I plug it in, it spins around. See SEE, like that. But be careful, if you activate the power rods right now… just look out. You’ve seen that movie haven’t you? The Prestige! And they make that lightning LIGHTNING machine? That’s what my project is going to do to, and then bye bye policeman! Bye bye nancyboy sidekick! Bye bye Daniel Murphy… if he comes outside too. I hope he does. He did once before, when they were asking me all those questions. That’s the night they took me to jail JAIL. We’ll see about that. We’ll see.

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